Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips

As you all know, the Amazon Mechanical Turk is a popular ‘crowdsourcing’ program. It is an Amazon service at which you will get paid by completing simple online tasks (Hits). These tasks include describing an image in ten words, completing surveys, writing a product review, etc. Most of the tasks are simple and can be completed quickly. Today, we will provide you some Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips to earn a significant amount from this online service.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Tips (1)

1) Don’t slave

Don’t go for the hits which include very low payments. Because, after doing some hours of work, you want to look for some bunch of money, not counting pennies. Though it is up to you what you want to go for, remember the thumb rule is 10 cents/minute. It is advisable to not go for the hit which pays 1 cent.

2) Stay away from Scammers

As it is free and open-to-all online program, many people use MTurk for scams. Like if someone asks for your real email, phone number, address, credit card details, full name, etc. then stay away from such person. It may end up with spam emails, calls, or even worse, frauds. The genuine requester will not ask your personal information.

3) Stay connected with r/mturk

For the turkers, it is good to keep up with the Subreddit r/mturk. Here, you can learn a lot of stuff for doing optimized tasks which save your time and make you earn more money.

4) Use filters to get good Hits before someone does

Amazon MTurk provides an option to filter out hits. It will help you to narrow down your search and view the hits according to your interest. For example, if you want to do only surveys which give 20 cents or more, then click on the search bar, type ‘survey’ and set the money value to 20 cents.

You can also filter the hits according to newest or highest first. It will save your precious time which may be wasted on checking thousands of hits to find most suitable ones to you.

5) Check the requirements of the Hit

If you are serious about making money from this crowdsourcing site, then you have to be a good worker. Check the qualification/requirement for the hit you think you are capable for. Read it and try to complete the task in the way that the requester wants. Before jumping in and starting the task straight away, make it sure to check all the details and understand them. Don’t accept the hit you don’t understand what actually it wants.


There are also some other tips like participating in the MTurk forums, using the MTurk toolbar for a better assessment, the time and rate of a particular hit, linking your bank account to get faster payments, etc. Though there are some Amazon Mechanical Turk Alternatives are present in the market which gives the tough competition to the online service. Still, the MTurk is one of the most popular crowdsourcing website today.

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