What is YouTube Linked Comment and How to Reply?

Most of the people now use to watch trending news and videos on YouTube. YouTube is one of the most using online streaming sites in all over the world. YouTube allow to you watch different TV Shows, movie trailer, and video songs at free of cost.

Now come to the point about which this article is based on how to reply to a comment on youtube. SO, guys, we would like to tell you that replying on youtube linked comment is not a hard task, most of the people have to know about the reply to a comment on youtube. But if you don’t know that we would like to say that you should have knowledge about this. So, below in this article, we are going to describe you that how to reply to a comment on youtube. Read this article carefully.

Before knowing the solution to anything, we prefer that you should have knowledge about that thing too. So, before learning for can’t reply to youtube comments, you should know that what is a linked comment on youtube. So here is the answer below.

Google denote a remark as ‘LINKED COMMENT‘ on the off chance that it is originating from Google+. Assume you have shared a video on Google+ and your watcher has remarked on that video from his Google+ page. You can see that remark on your YouTube video however set apart as ‘LINKED COMMENT.’

Sometimes reply option is not available

This is on account of your watcher has limited answers on Google+ page settings. As the remark originated from Google+ page and watcher has confined answers, there is nothing you can do here to make the “Answer” alternative available linked remark.

To check facilitate, you can go to your watcher’s Google+ page and find your video where he has remarked. You ought not to see ‘Include a remark’ box.

There are the couple of workarounds that you could attempt to get the “Answer” alternative.

  •  You could request that your watcher includes you in his Google+ circle. In the event that your watcher has given answer authorization to his circle, you will get the “Answer” catch back.
  •  If the principal workaround does not work for you, duplicate the remark and post it as another remark. This will make “Answer” choice dynamic.

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How to reply to a comment on youtube on an app?

  • First login into your Youtube account.
  • Then select any of your videos.
  • Then select any comment which you want to reply or pin.
  • Click on the icon with PIN, then it will show you the pinned mark, and then you can do comment on it.

Final Verdict

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